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Saying Something with Tattoos

Tattoos with meaning are often so very personal that the full meaning is only known to the wearer. At the other end of the scale, there are many tattoos like most written text, and names which have meanings which have obvious meanings, even to those who don't know the tattooed individual.

However, people that are considering what tattoo they would like to wear themselves, can be helped by explanations of the meanings which others have given to various tattoo images and symbols. Read on if you want more information on traditional tattoos with meaning.

Image: Tattooo about growing from experience after being let down by a lover. It is for her, a declaration that her spirit will overcome everything and she will grow stronger from the expereince.

Tattooo about growing from experience after being let down
A religious tattoo

Many peoples have used tattooing as a way to bless of their god, and as a way which they thought they could protect themselves from the evil.

A tribal face tattoo
A tribal face tattoo

Many, Tattoo designs both small and large, have been popular since ancient times.

Animal on leg tattoo

Other cultures tattooed their bodies with images of the animals they wanted to catch for food, as a charm to make their hunting the animals easier.

A traditional moari tattoo
A traditional moari tattoo

In fact, there are so many design symbols and they all have different meanings, and those meanings can also vary in different cultures.

Butterfly tattoo by sotoner via Devinat Art

Nowadays few people know about such meanings, and the art of tattooing is less often about tradition, than fashion, and personal expression, for everyone.

Most tattoos with meaning, are based upon choices of symbols and designs from popular culture, for individuals show the status of their lives, at the time that they get their tattoos inked.

You may wish to give meaning to your tattoo by depicting what is happening currently in your life. Others choose to depict what they hope will happen to themselves.

Popular culture body tattoo
Small and cute tattoos
Cute arm tattoo
Lady with multiple small tattoos
A man's arm tattoo
A lion tattoo on a man's shoulder

Small and Cute Tattoos with Meaning

Cute and small tattoos for girls can be easily hidden and can be placed in any area of your body. It is a fact that girls love cute tattoos which have images and connotations that are related to their lives. Small tattoos express boldness and they look appealing too.

Chances are, at some point in your life you will consider having a small tattoo. These small tattoos will seldom cause any real regret and can last the test of time. Getting small tattoos is a common aim, and very popular, especially for girls who are not yet ready to commit to a large piece of work. Most likely, girls would want to have simple designs that can look great for more decades to come. Moreover, they want something that is meaningful and can remind them of the significant events, persons and ideas in their lives. Every time they look at the tattoo they will be reminded of its significance. via

The Meaning of Anchor Tattoos

Anchor Tattoos are usually worn by sailors. However, during the ancient times the anchor was being used as a hidden symbol of Christianity. Christians used the anchor symbol in order to avoid persecution from the Romans. Generally, the anchor represents hope, salvation, composure, calm, and steadfastness.

Nowadays, anchor tattoos represent various meanings. Traditionally, the US Navy will get this tattoo after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. For sailors, it signifies stability and strong foundation. Anchor tattoos have different meanings to different people. Here, we have gathered some of the best anchor tattoos that you can choose from. via

star tattoos with meaning

Star Tattoos with Meaning

Tattoos are one of the ways that people express their unique characteristics and beliefs to the world – a tradition that started in years past and continues today. Whether you are considering a tattoo for deep personal meaning, or you just want a simple tattoo that compliments your unique sense of style, your tattoo artist can suggest tattoos with symbolic meaning.

One of the most meaningful symbols in the world, a star tattoo can represent everything from your own personal ambitions to a connection with astrology and the constellations. They have a long history as a tattoo design; sailors often placed maritime stars on their bodies as a way to remind them to find their way home. Stars are perfect for a small arm tattoo, particularly on the forearm or wrist. via

A sailor charm tattooYou will find many surprising stories regarding the tattoo's role and significance.  Many sailors have for millenia assumed that a tattoo can be a talisman against the potential of drowning at sea.

The American Indians believed tattoos protected them in battle, plus some Burmese people think to this day which a tattoo on the heart can stop bullets. The history of tribal tattoos is actually a kaleidoscope ot art and design which has never ceased.

An indonesian tattoo example

Where the phrase tattoo originated, were the tribal tattoo reached perfection for thousand of years is Tahiti.

It reached an increased degree of artistic endeavor, though here the tattoos applications are most painful.

A south sea islander tattoo example.



In China the tattoos are still being inked with designs of reckoned to be at least 2500 years of age, and are representations of various fantastic beasts. These include, dragoon, deer and fish. You will find that these tattoos designed for personal protection and include emblems which show noble birth.

The habitants of Samoa still think that the elaborate geometrical form of the regular body suit is the right way to show respect for your God-qualities, for other individuals this is the rite of passage to manhood. Before each battle, the original Maori warriors started their tattoos tradition painting their faces with charcoal. They started to create the design permanent, calling it "moko". It was actually stated that a male without "moko" was actually a "papatea" (plain face) and was considered an outcast.

Russion make-up example

A celtic tattoo example

Celtic tattoos are some of the most attractive design choices. The design and style emanates from ancient art from Scotland, England and Ireland. These are as old since the Celtic history is.

In Russia, the tradition of tatttooing is more recent, but they were once commonly used as a prisoners' secret language. Although in Stalin's gulags, tattoos were a type of protest, for Russions just like elsewhere, they are today simply a fancy body accessory.

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