How to find a Tattoo Artist You Can Trust

How to find a Tattoo Artist you can trust is very important. The first thing on the minds of most people is the need to ensure that your tattoo artist provides the design and look you desire, but it should not be forgotten that a large potential risk of serious infection would be present if your tattoo artist neglected to observe hygeinic methods.

You have a choice of the next tattoo shop you see one night, after you have been drinking. Or, you can do some research and select a tattoo artist carefully. Which do you think is wisest?

We will assume that to start with you already have an idea of the tattoo design you want, and will be willing to spend some time to go into several parlors and look around and talk to the staff. Go with a willingness to ask questions and take some images with you, showing the design types you want.

Step 1. Ask people who already have tattoos that you think look good, for recommendations on their artists. This is important because most artists have a specialty and you will do best to work with an artist who has skills in the styles you want. For example, some are best at lettering, while others have a talent for classic tattoo art. If you have a specific design in mind, ask around for an artist that specializes in that genre.

Step 2. Travel to the shops of the artists you are interested in. You should consider that safety aganst infection is a top requirement for your tattooist. Do not accept for yourself anything less than a licensed parlor that always uses disposable single-use needles. It is essential that the shop sterilizes tools after every use using a device called an autoclave. The ink used must be from from disposable containers, and check that they will rigourously sterilize your skin before starting, with an EPA-approved virucidal.

Step 3. Look for testimonials online to see if their past customers have rated on the parlor and/ or its artists. Fnd the phone number of the responsible health department in the local council, and check for any reported violations.

Step 4. Ask for proof that the artist has been vaccinated for Hepatitis C, and ask if he or she is a member of The Alliance of Professional Tattooing, an association that keeps artists up to date in all new health and safety matters.

Step 5. At the point that you have settled upon an artist, go to his or her place of work and view that person's "look-book". Make sure that he is the right person. Check that the lines of his drawings are clean and well-formed. Show the artist you select, as many pictures of the kind of tattoo you want as possible. That will assist the artist in helping you.

Step 6. Consult the artist about the colors you want to be used. A high quality skilled tattoo artist will always be able to advise you on which colors you should select which will enhance your skin tone.

Step 7. Schedule an appointment date and time, for your first tattoo session, but allow a cooling off period. Trust us! This is important because that gives you enough time to discuss your pending tattoo with friends and relatives. That way you can gauge their reactions, and be confident in your choice, when the tattoo work is done. Or to look at it another way. By making an advance booking you would gain time to backout if having second thoughts!

Modern Day Fact: Over a third of people now aged between 18 and 25 years possess at least one tattoo.

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